The REAL WORLD versus the GRAPHIC DESIGN world…

Throughout life, people tend to look at images of people in magazines, books, newspapers, and now the internet and they idolize these images. These people look so ‘Perfect’. And perfection is impossible. People have always told me growing up ‘yeah but those aren’t real people’. And surprisingly enough, they were right. The way these people are portrayed isn’t the way they actually look. Unfortunately, these images cause people to go out and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on plastic surgeries and makeup to attempt to be ‘as beautiful’ as these people which is an impossible goal to accomplish. Growing up in Los Angeles, I saw instances of this first hand. From kids putting makeup on starting in elementary school to kids getting plastic surgery starting in the 6th grade, this has all gotten out of hand.

Recently, one of my roommates asked me to edit a few photos of her for a project she is working on. She is by no means an unattractive girl and she doesn’t have bad skin nor does she have bad facial features. However with that said, after a few steps in photoshop, I showed her the original photo versus the one I modified in photoshop and she couldn’t believe it. In her words she said ‘Wow, now that I look at the first picture, I feel like it’s such an ugly photo when it’s not… It all makes sense now how every single person in the media looks gorgeous!’ And she’s 100% right.

Dove has created a campaign for real beauty. I saw this video on youtube that has to do with the campaign, and I just thought it was fantastic:

Dove Evolution

I had my friend, Totla sit in front of the computer and take a basic picture with the apple program of ‘photo booth’. After just a few steps in photoshop, I quickly altered the photo… Amongst other things, I added makeup, made her skin smooth and darkened her hair…


So now ask yourself… what’s real and what’s design?

Lauren Cohen

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