We have the technology to build cities we dream of, characters that are out of this world and almost anything that pops into our mind. 3-D technology has taken over in animation. You see pixlar, disney and all the major advertising firms using it in their animation.

Some artists have there for gone back to the beginning. Using stop motion animation to express themselves. But they haven’t stopped there they went to the structure of stop motion all the way to the pencil drawings on white paper. What is known today as pencilmation.

Quite a few artist have made a name for themselves using this form of animation. The two most known and fathers of “new” stop motion are probably Don Hertzfeldt and Blu.

Don Hertzfeldt creates his films with traditional pen and paper animation without the aid of computers. He then uses a camera do document the animation and puts them together. One animation has thousands of photographs. He once said: “I don’t know why these things are always framed as a big dumb cage match: Hand-drawn versus computers, film versus digital…”

Don Hertzfeldt: Rejected:

Blu on the other hand does his work using walls as his blank paper and grafiti as his pencil. His work is quite different but with the same technology and visual effects.

Blu: Muto:

Another well worth to take notice of is:

Evelien Lohbeck, Noteboek:

I tried to make my own and reliased that this takes extreme patience as my simple animation took 550 pictures. Putting them together and working on it made me appreciate the technology we have today. That day I really loved flash!

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