The Graphic Design department at Lorenzo de’ Medici works. Really. The school’s communication is entrusted to us. The effectiveness of the informational material produced every year to coordinate the academic lives of more than 3,000 students depends on us.

The students of the Graphic Design department actively help develop the LdM image. Every course results in real life solutions which are used by not only students and teachers, but also partners of the school.


But keeping ourselves busy with LdM’s communication isn’t the only reason we do it—it’s a challenge, and beyond that, a challenge of the market.

Every year, the Graphic Design department develops the talents of various nationalities that together constitute a diverse, international and multi-lingual group. The market couldn’t ask for more.


Graphic Advertising and Communication offers one of the most competitive professional fields of the modern age.

But it’s also one of the most fascinating and fulfilling for those who want to break through boundaries, push the envelope and free their own creativity to take part in the great media revolution happening all around us every day.

The Graphic Design department of LdM is at the center of this movement, thanks to the fact that it pits its own strengths against the hardest challenge: creative competition.

The added value that we at LdM offer our students is that we constantly compare market needs with different cultures for a much wider perspective.

Together, we go out into the field and design the most valuable, amazing, exciting thing that we can possibly imagine:

Your future.

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