Hot keys are little tricks you can use on Mac OS X that make it faster to do what you want… instead of clicking a bunch of different drop down menus, you can simple push a few buttons at once and voila!

Let’s get down to basics…
⌘ or  – Sometimes called “Apple key” or Command Key
^ (Control key)
⌥ (Option key) – “Alt” may also appear on this key
the SHIFT KEY looks like an arrow pointing up
the CAPS LOCK key looks like an arrow point up with a line under it – Toggles Caps Lock on or off
fn (Function key) – Located in the lower left corner of built-in keyboards on portable Macs

Now that you know the basic symbols… Click read more to learn the hot keys…

Here are the ones that are the most common in my day to day life…
-C – copy
-V– paste
-N -New window/document/page
-Z -Undo
-shift-3 take a screen capture
+ -zoom in
- -zoom out
-B -bold
-U – Underline
-I -Italics

And here are a little more hot keys that I don’t use day to day, but are helpful to know….

-A Select all items in the front Finder window (or desktop if no window is open)
⌥ --A Deselect all items
Shift--A Open the Applications folder
-C Copy selected item/text
Shift--C Open the Computer window
-D Duplicate selected item
Shift--D Open desktop folder
-E Eject
-F Find any matching Spotlight attribute
Shift--F Find Spotlight file name matches
⌥ --F Navigate to the search field in an already-open Spotlight window
Shift--G Go to Folder
Shift--H Open the Home folder of the currently logged-in user account
-I Get Info
⌥ --I Show Inspector
-M Minimize window
⌥ --M Minimize all windows
Shift--N New folder
⌥ --N New Smart Folder
-O Open selected item
Shift--Q Log Out
-T Add to Sidebar
Shift--T Add to Favorites
-V Paste
-W Close window
⌥ --W Close all windows
-X Cut
-Z Undo / Redo
-[ Back
-] Forward
-Delete Move to Trash
Shift--Delete Empty Trash

ANNND JUST FOR FUN… how to make the  symbol….. SHIFT-⌥ -K


-Lauren Cohen

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