Graduation thoughts

For the last five years I’ve been University Student. I have tried different mayors everything from law to photography. I ended up in Graphic Design. To tell you the truth I have no idea how that happened. I had some friends studying and found their work interesting and engaging. With in a week of studying at Lorenzo de Medici I really felt like this was what I was suppose to do.

At first when I was getting into the programs the work was sometimes extremely frustrating. I couldn’t produce what I imagined before I started working. The idea though that someday I could produce all the things I envisioned in my head kept me going and kept me passionate about my studies.

The program is divided into very different sections of design. We go all over the place into illustrations, product design, web design, animation, 3 D modeling, history, marketing, corporate identities… You name it, we have done it in some aspect at least. What I love about my studies is that since we go through so many things, you start to figure out what you are really passionate about.

In my case I found out pretty quickly that I loved drawing. Something that I had no idea that I even liked. I was never the kid in the corner with a sketch book, in fact I really hated art classes at school. I could never get on paper the things I imagined until I learned to do it on the computer. Cartoon like illustrations became my passion for the past two years. I applied them to every project until I was reminded that there are also other ways of designing.

This year a whole new world was opened to me. I discovered stop motion animation. I could finally combine my two favorite things which are photography and animation. Since then I have worked endlessly on different projects with the help of my teachers and friends.

The point to telling you this is not to discuss my passions but rather to focus on that I had the freedom and help to discover what I was passionate about. I’ve been so fortunate with instructors here in there past years. They have encouraged me in so many different ways to follow through on what interests me but at the same time showing me different methods of design. I have always gotten help when I needed it and been encouraged to contact my teachers with anything that pops in to my mind.

Connections to the outside world was also extremely important to me. With that I mean that we are encouraged to take a part in a lot of competitions which get our work validated from other people. We have an annual art show called “Art is in the streets” where people can walk around in the neighborhood looking at our work in various stores around and in the street.

I took an internship at the school in our printing center where I learned more closely the problems that arise from when your project is done and you hand it over. Learning how to print posters, photo’s, T-shirts, flyers… taught me that the work doesn’t end when you hand over your design. It’s just getting started.

I’m extremely thankful for my department at school because it is a lot more closer and personal experience than I’m use to at home. Thank you for everything

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