Behind the Face of Enrico Bisenzi


Enrico, born and raised in Italy, studied electronics in college. He recalls, “I was not a good student at all.” He has lived in Italy all his life and for a little fun, his favourite colour is a natural green. Recently, he has started teaching Web Design II here at LdM, but he also dabbles in other interests. Here are some questions I presented to him:

What inspired your choice of study in college?

I think accessibility to web information is one of the most important 
topics for everybody, also by social and political points of views.

What aspects of the designing world, today, do you find most challenging and most interesting?

Adapting web sites to people with disabilities is very 
difficult, but also very interesting as well as restyling a web site 
for special needs of search engines or mobile devices.

What do you feel every designer should know about website design?

General matters that could be applied with any kinds of specific 
software products.

Can you give me a brief outline of your website and will there be other languages available in time? is only a kind of bookmarks repository for me and my 
activity and I hope to find time to translate it in the future. 

The last web site at which I collaborated is nowadays 
- in the professional field – you do not carry out a web site by 
yourself but there is a team of fellows each one with specific 
professional skill.

Do you feel it is better to be a master of one subject or know many subjects but master none? In reference to design and the digital media fields…

I think that a student must be involved in the studies with great 
curiosity: that’s really important!

At present, how many courses do you teach and what is most challenging in the new atmosphere?

This year I am involved with Lorenzo de’ Medici school on Web design 
issues (Web Design II), with the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara on Web Restyling 
issues, with University of Florence on cross-cultural web issues and 
with (ex) INDIRE with top-ranking and web accessibility issues. 

I have also a project of collaboration with an international school near 
Arezzo for students coming from war areas on cross-cultural web sites 
issues. That is my present main interest

Can you elaborate on your research on relationships with media activism and web accessibility?

I think web accessibility is not only a 
technical matter, but a social and political way to overcome the 
different kinds of ‘divide’ existing in the world. This is becoming a digital world and it is important to solve the 
digital divide! ;^)

After the Q and A, I dug further into the Arezzo collaboration project and this is the basic idea Enrico gave me. This project brings the cultural togetherness and understanding from the campus to the internet. I am referring to the possible development of an online forum to help establish the understanding that is done, in person, between the students of multiple countries. This project gives each student the ability to learn interactively. Through their peers, they will learn the lifestyles and backgrounds of other ethnicities.

Thanks again Enrico and Welcome to the world of Walter.

-By Taryn B.-

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